Grants Administration

Welcome to the Department of Pathology Research Website!

The Department of Pathology Research office consists of pre and post award areas that work to provide the most efficient funding preparation and management support to Principal Investigators. We are knowledgeable on the rules and regulations of the University of Pittsburgh, the Federal Government and other sponsoring institutions or foundations as they relate to funding issues.

The pre-award staff assists faculty in identifying potential sources of funding, preparing appropriate internal and external proposal documents (including budget preparation) and grant contract administration.

The post-award accounting area is responsible for managing post award accounting, financial reporting, account activation, purchasing, and invoicing and grant budget close out.

    Mary Lou Benedetti, Assistant Administrator
    Phone: 412-683-7576
    Address: A712 Scaife Hall

Pre-Award Administration

    A711 Scaife Hall
    3550 Terrace Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15261
    Fax: 412-802-6064

    Frances Ward, Pre-Award Grants Administration
    Phone: 412-683-7555

    April Lehman, Pre-Award Grants Administration
    Phone: 412-683-7556

Post-Award Administration

    A712 Scaife Hall
    3550 Terrace Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15261

    Brad O'Malley, Research Accounting Manager
    Phone: 412-802-6093

    Grace Crawford, Post-Award and Purchasing Support
    Phone: 412-802-6041

    Alicia Procacina - Post Award Financial Analyst
    Phone: 412-802-6037

    Daniel McDonald, Post-Award Administrator
    Phone: 412-802-6042
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