Rajiv Dhir, MBBS, MBA
Professor of Pathology

Dr. Dhir is Chief of Pathology at UPMC Shadyside, Director of International Business Development, Director of the Genitourinary Pathology Center of Excellence, Director of the Paraffin Tissue Array Facility, and Director of the Health Science Tissue Bank.

Office Location:
Room WG 02.6
UPMC Shadyside Hospital
Contact Information:
Office Phone: 412-623-1321
Beeper: 412-765-8600
E-Mail: dhirr@upmc.edu


  • MBBS - New Delhi, India, 1983
  • MBA - University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Dhir is a practicing pathologist and currently serves as the Chief of Pathology at Shadyside Hospital, one of the flagship hospitals of the University of Pittsburgh. He is a board certified pathologist with subspecialty fellowship training in Genitourinary pathology. He has served as the director of the GU center of excellence at the University of Pittsburgh for the past nine years.

Dr. Dhir's interests include the molecular changes in bladder, renal and prostate carcinogenesis. The Pittsburgh GU group has an ongoing research study evaluated RNA expression, SNP, micro-RNA and proteomic perturbations to get a global integrated view of disease onset and progression. Current research focuses on translation of some of the discoveries into validated, clinically relevant tests. There is also ongoing work on correlative work aimed at sub-cellular changes and their correlation with response to different treatment modalities and assessment of chemo-preventive approaches.

He has been involved in numerous clinical, basic and translational projects focused on GU diseases and has been a recipient of NIH/NCI grants in this area. His major focus of interest is the identification and validation of novel targets for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic use.

He has been the Medical Director of the Health Sciences Tissue Bank of the University of Pittsburgh since 1997. He oversees the tissue and biological specimen collection at the 3 flagship hospitals of the University of Pittsburgh Health Systems. This Tissue Resource has developed into a large resource for basic and translational research at the University of Pittsburgh as well collaborative research with investigators outside the University of Pittsburgh. This facility is a designated core facility for the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

Dr. Dhir is the Principal Investigator for the Tissue Source Sites grant (part of The Cancer Genome Atlas initiative). The University of Pittsburgh has been one the largest contributors to the TCGA effort having provided over 1000 cases spanning a variety of tumor types.

The Tissue Banking initiatives have received extensive funding from various initiatives including the Cancer Genome Atlas Project, caHUB, Lung, Melanoma and Head & Neck SPORES, the Gynecologic Disease Program, the Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource, the Shared Pathology Informatics Network, the Early Disease Research Network and others.

Dr. Dhir has been one of the key physicians involved in developing and implementing an Institutional Honest Broker system, incorporating the key data aggregation agencies at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also involved in the Informatics related initiatives in the Tissue Banking space. He was the co-PI on the CaTissue Core adopter grant from the CaBIG. He has also played an important role in the development of organ specific databases and associated tools at the University of Pittsburgh.

He has published 10 book chapters, has over 125 peer reviewed publications and has over 75 published abstracts.

He was also one of the participants in the RAND report on Tissue Banking. He has also been an invited member of the Marble Arch group, an international consortium of Tissue Bankers.

Research Expertise

  1. GU Pathology and Clinical and translational aspects of genitourinary neoplasms
  2. Biomarkers related to Genitourinary disease; with special interest in GU neoplasms
  3. Human tissue banking

Recent Publications

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