Consultation Services in Hematopathology

The Division of Hematopathology includes members with expertise in lymph node and other related tissue interpretation, adult and pediatric bone marrow pathology, flow cytometry, molecular hematopathology, white blood cell function disorders and laboratory hematology.

Division of Hematopathology
Steven H. Swerdlow, MD, Director
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Suite G300, PUH
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2582

Phone: 412-647-5191
Fax: 412-647-4008

  • Diagnostic lymph node and related biopsies. Fresh, frozen or paraffin embedded material are all accepted for diagnostic interpretation. Both routine and special/immunohistochemical stains can be performed. Flow cytometric immunophenotypic studies can be performed on fresh tissue in our Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory. Portions of fresh, frozen or paraffin embedded specimens can also be directed to the Department of Pathology Molecular Diagnostics Division for molecular oncology testing. and to the Pittsburgh Cytogenetics Laboratory for classical and FISH cytogenetic studies. Specimens can be sent to the Division of Hematopathology or any of its members. Fresh samples should be sent using the Instructions for Requisitions for Hematopathology Testing Service at Presbyterian Hospital of UPMC.

    There are two separate requisitions for hematopathology testing. One requisition is to be used for bone marrow, peripheral blood and body fluid specimens [Requisition Form]. The second requisition is to be used for lymph node and solid tissue specimens [Requisition Form].

    Cases with glass slides or blocks may be sent with the Anatomic Pathology Requisition Form.

    Bone marrow examinations. Aspirate smears, anti-coagulated aspirated material, formalin or B+ fixed biopsies, particle preparations or clot sections and material already embedded in paraffin are all accepted. Complete interpretations or specific immunohistochemical, immunocytochemical and cytochemical special stains can be requested. More details are available on the Test Specification-Bone Marrow Laboratory and Requisition Form-Bone Marrow/Blood/Body Fluid Specimens. Specimens/slides may be sent to the Division of Hematopathology or to any of its members. Flow cytometric immunophenotypic studies can also be performed on peripheral blood samples and fresh marrow aspirates (or, if necessary, fresh biopsies) in our Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory.

  • General laboratory hematology. Please contact Dr. L. Contis.

  • Molecular hematopathology. Although clinical genotypic studies are performed in the Department of Pathology Division of Molecular Diagnostics, Dr. Lisa Robinson is a molecular hematopathologist who can provide consultation in this area.