Adriana Zeevi, PhD, ABHI (D)
Professor of Pathology, Surgery and Immunology

Dr. Zeevi is the Director of the Tissue Typing Laboratory that provides 24hr/ 7 day service to the solid organ and bone marrow transplant program at UPMC, VA and Children's. She provides consultation regarding the sensitization status of potential transplant candidates and their status post-transplant. In addition, Dr. Zeevi engages in teaching activities to graduate students, nursing staff, fellows and clinicians. Dr. Zeevi is also the director of the Pathology Resident rotation and she coordinates other fellow/clinician rotations through the clinical laboratory. Dr. Zeevi has administrative duties in relationship with the clinical tissue typing laboratory and also serves on several Departmental committees. In addition to clinical service, Dr. Zeevi is conducting NIH funded research in collaboration with other investigators in area of her expertise of immune monitoring post transplant.

Office Location:
3477 Euler Way
Room 4033
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Contact Information:
Office Phone: 412-647-6266
Fax: 412-647-6151


  • BA - 1973, Bar-llan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
  • MS - 1974, Bar-llan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
  • PhD - 1979, Bar-llan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Clinical Expertise

Dr Zeevi's clinical expertise is in the area of Immunogenetics and Histocompatibility. Shye is the Clinical Director of Tissue Typing Laboratory that serves the transplant program and provides consultation for all solid organ and bone marrow transplantation. An important aspect of her clinical expertise is to characterize the humoral sensitization and rejection in solid organ transplants. IDr. Zeevi has over 30 years of experience with immune monitoring of solid organ transplant recipients and implementation of various assays and novel approaches to evaluate the efficacy of protocols used to desensitize transplant candidates and/or to treat antibody mediated rejection in solid organ transplant recipients.

Research Interests

Despite improved immunosuppression protocols, most transplant recipients face a variety of complications. Early post-transplant is important to discriminate between infection and rejection. Drug toxicity, chronic rejection and malignancies are long-term complications. Dr. Zeevi's research interests are focused in the area of immunologic monitoring of solid organ transplant recipients.

  1. The role of HLA-specific and non-HLA antibodies in solid organ transplantation.
  2. The implementation of novel Luminex platform C1q binding assay to detect complement fixing donor-specific anti HLA antibodies in patient sera and to correlate this functional assay with clinical outcomes including the efficacy of protocols used to desensitize transplant candidates and/or to treat antibody mediated rejection in solid organ transplant recipients.
  3. Cellular assay to determine the host immune competence and responses to recall antigens (CMV, EBV and other)
  4. Evaluation of T helper cell function and cytokine profile upon stimulation with donor-specific alloantigen.
  5. The impact of cytokine gene polymorphism in solid organ transplantation and its predictive value for individualized immunosuppressive protocols


DIPLOMAT, Laboratory Specialty of Histocompatibility Testing

Awards and Honors

  1. 1982-1984 NIH New Investigator Award
  2. 1984-1984 Co-Chairperson, Workshop on T Cell Cloning
  3. 1989 Young Investigator's Award for Research in the Field of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
  4. 2002-2003 President ASHI
  5. 2006-2008 Member of NIH TTT Study Section

Selected Publications

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