Nikola L. Vujanovic, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology and Immunology

Dr. Vujanovic is a member of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

Office Location:
HCC Rm G.17D
5117 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-623-3211
Fax: 412-623-3235


  • MD - School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1966
  • PhD - School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1978

Awards and Honors

  • Vice-President of the Serbian Society of Immunologists, 1988
  • President of the Serbian Society of Immunologists, 1989-1990
  • Honorable Member of the Serbian Society of Immunologists, 2009
  • iSBTc Team Science Recognition Award, 2010
  • University of Pittsburgh Honor for the outstanding contribution in science, 2011
  • Pitt Innovator Award for commercialization of patent, 2011

Research Expertise

Tumor immunology:

  1. Innate immunity effector cells
  2. Anti-cancer innate immune mechanisms
  3. Regulation of immune mechanisms by TNF superfamily ligands
  4. Crosstalk between natural killer and dendritic cells and its role in anticancer immune defense
  5. Myeloid-derived suppressor cells and cancer-related immunosuppression
  6. Cancer prevention and therapy by modulation of immune function
Cancer biomarkers:

  1. ADAM sheddase activities

Selected Publications

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Vujanovic NL, Herberman R, Maghazachi A, Hiserodt J. Lymphokine activated killer cells in rats. III. A simple method for the purification and rapid expansion of lymphokine activated killer cells. J. Expt. Med. 167:15, 1988. PMID: 3257251

Chambers WH, Vujanovic NL, DeLeo AB, Olszowy MW, Herberman RB, Hiserodt JC. Monoclonal antibody to triggering structure expressed on rat natural killer cells and adherent lymphokine-activated killer cells. J. Expt. Med. 169:1373, 1989. PMID: 2466943

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Pilbeam, K., N.L. Vujanovic, L. Brossay, P. Basse, R. Gerstein, A.N. Vallejo and L. Borghesi. Incomplete V(D)J rearrangements trace the development and clonal origins of natural killer cells. J. Immunology. 2008, 180, 1432-1441. PMID: 18209038

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