Jie Han, PhD
Research Instructor

Dr. Han is a member of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.
Office Location:
Room G21
Hillman Cancer Center
5117 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1863
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-623-1410
Fax: 412-623-1119
Email: jih1@pitt.edu

Research Expertise

I plan to study the ability of p53 transcriptional mutants to induce Bim dependent apoptosis. This information is needed for a new submission of a manuscript on regulation of p53 by Mcl-1.

In addition, I plan to continue to work ona new TRAIL-mediated autophagic model that we recently developed. At the same time I'll try to get data on cross-regulation of apoptosis and autophagy, so that I'll be able to submit an ACS application next year.

Selected Publications

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Hou W, Han J, Lu C, Goldstein LA, Rabinowich H. Autophagic degradation of active caspase-8: a crosstalk mechanism between autophagy and apoptosis. Autophagy. 2010; 6:891-900.

Han J, Goldstein LA, Hou W, Gastman BR, Rabinowich H. Regulation of mitochondrial apoptotic events by p53-mediated disruption of complexes between antiapoptotic Bcl-2 members and Bim. J Biol Chem. 2010; 285:22473-22483.

Han J, Goldstein LA, Hou W, Froelich CJ, Watkins SC, Rabinowich H. Deregulation of mitochondrial membrane potential by mitochondrial insertion of granzyme B and direct Hax-1 cleavage. J Biol Chem. 2010; 285:22461-22472.

Czystowska M, Han J, Szczepanski MJ, Szajnik M, Quadrini K, Brandwein H, Hadden JW, Signorelli K, Whiteside TL. IRX-2, a novel immunotherapeutic, protects human T cells from tumor-induced cell death. Cell Death Differ. 2009; 16:708-718.